Left your wallet in your other jeans? No problem - Buddy is COMPLETELY FREE with unlimited API calls (up to 10GB storage)!

You don't need a credit card, Paypal account nor a purchase order to build an app on Buddy. All you need is an email address and a desire to build, optimize and measure your cloud-connected app in minutes.


Unlimited API calls

Up to 10GB of storage


Zip. Nothing. Nada.

Unlimited API calls

Up to 100GB of storage


(or $999/yr upfront)

Unlimited API calls

Up to 1TB of storage

Performance/uptime guarantees

Dedicated support


(or $9,999/yr upfront)

Need more than 1TB of storage? How about data sandboxing, regional data hosting, compliant backend infrastructure, co-located instances, dedicated SLAs or ultra-high volume scalability? We can help! Click "Get Me Started" in the Enterprise box above to connect with us and find out more.

Still not sure which pricing plan is right for you? Get in touch ( and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have or walk you through our Buddy Demo!

Included in all plans