Developing Windows Phone 8 apps just got much easier...

Welcome to a whole new world of development - welcome to Buddy, the only backend as a service built to easily support actual scenarios found in cloud-connected apps and games.

With Buddy, you can add user account systems, friends/groups of people, messaging & intra-app chat, push notifications & Live Tiles, game state & scoring, commerce, photo albums & imaging, metadata storage as well as all the stats, analytics and crash reporting you'll need - and all without writing a line of server-side code.

Spend your time where your users will value it most - building the best mobile client app possible. Let us handle the cloud, and we'll leave creating the most amazing mobile app experiences on the planet to you!

Along with your Windows Phone Developer Center membership, you wil receive:

  • A free Buddy account, with an allowance of up to one million (1MM) API calls per month
  • Offer is valid for six months. After six months have elapsed, developers revert to standard (published) pricing.

Here's some quick links to get you up to speed - check out our developer documentation and download our SDK and sample code with fully compilable source code. Ready to get started? Make sure you have your coupon code provided by Microsoft when you signed up or renewed your Windows Phone Developer Center membership - and click below!

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