Month: April 2017

Kicking off the Buddy Ohm roadshow

Since announcing Buddy Ohm in Sydney on March 21st, we have fielded a number of questions, and met with many prospects in the U.S., and here across Australia. We couldn’t be more excited about the potential for a complete resource monitoring system like Buddy Ohm. Our conversations with early customers only validates the real opportunity for Buddy … Continued

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IoTC discussion on smart cities

  The Internet of Things Consortium recently included a short roundtable on smart cities, asking member organizations to share their thoughts on the current state, and future of smart city initiatives. Of course, Buddy Platform is right in the thick of it, building the next generation in data infrastructure that will power these projects all … Continued

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Change starts with data

Ninety seven percent of climate scientists agree that the earth has been getting warmer over the past century and that is very likely caused by human activity. Careful study of ice cores, tree rings, ocean sediments, and coral formations prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the increase in carbon dioxide is linked to … Continued

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