Annual General Meeting – 2017

Written by Beth Worrall

Buddy Platform conducted it’s Annual General Meeting on 30th November 2017, hosted by CEO David McLauchlan and Company Secretary Stuart Usher. Over 20 shareholders attended the event in Buddy’s Adelaide’s office with many more joining online. A full video of the AGM is included here.

With the required formalities out of the way, Dave McLauchlan launched into an engaging and informative CEO’s presentation.

Briefly covering the history of Buddy, Dave also touched on our key three solutions – Buddy Ohm, Parse on Buddy and Buddy Cloud. Dave highlighted that all of our solutions are focused on one purpose – turning smart city data into an actionable and valuable asset. The opportunities we have are truly global, as Dave noted, stating: “We are of the view that every city in the world will become a smart city”

Following a successful capital raise, Dave observed that Buddy is now very well placed to be expanding into a range of new markets, and this will commence with an expanded focus on Latin America and Europe.

In addition to providing a business update, Dave announced hardware updates including a new addition to Buddy Ohm, the Buddy Ohm View. Shipping late January 2018, this device will allow any HDMI-supported television to display the Buddy Ohm Dashboard, without any messy setup or configuration. 

Dave also announced the addition of three new sensors to the Buddy Ohm family, opening up a range of new and exciting customer and installation opportunities:
1. Rogowski Coils, allowing for the measurement of significantly higher current loads, and thus, larger and more complex building power infrastructure.
2. Ultrasonic water measurement, allowing for new and much in-demand scenarios such as water leakage detection.
3. Monitoring of large scale backup generators (both power output and fuel levels), following requests from mobile operators in hurricane-devastated areas of the Caribbean and Puerto Rico

Following several months of very busy newsflow, the Buddy team will be spending the next several months concentrating on our relationships and processes with channel partners, as well as spending time with our direct customers as Ohm sales increase.

It’s certainly been an exciting time at Buddy –but we’re all looking forward to a thrilling 2018!