Author: Brian Seitz

Checking In on Works With Ohm

At the Buddy Connect event in Sydney in March, 2018, we unveiled a new program called Works with Ohm, designed to help broaden the types of meters and sensors that can transmit data to Buddy Ohm. Why take this approach? In reality, we can’t possibly make or anticipate every scenario or meter that may present … Continued

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Event season in full swing

This is always an active time of year for industry events, and 2018 is no different. Buddy team members have spanned the globe, participating in events focused on schools, sustainability, IoT and more. It’s great to demonstrate the impact and application Buddy Ohm can have in wide variety of building and facility types. Most recently … Continued

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The importance of open data in buildings

The drive for open data sets in smart cities is really starting to gain steam, as individuals and organizations worldwide look for correlations between traffic, weather, lighting, air quality, crime, affordable housing and more. Open building data in that context should be regarded as one of the most critical pieces to the sustainable, smart city … Continued

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Buddy Ohm to be deployed in the Caribbean through the largest mobile operator in the region

In the hospitality and tourism industry, the customer experience is paramount. When experience and atmosphere is your core product, you want to do everything you can to make it as rich and immersive as possible. Often, creating these experiences relies on lush landscapes, stunning displays and environmental comfort for guests. These lean on ample power, … Continued

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Sticking up for planet Earth

As Kermit The Frog famously said, “It isn’t easy being green”, and today following the decision of the US Federal Government, we find that to be true. We are unapologetic environmental enthusiasts here at Buddy Platform, we love that we’re helping to preserve our precious resources by making cities more efficient. So, when learning today … Continued

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IoTC discussion on smart cities

  The Internet of Things Consortium recently included a short roundtable on smart cities, asking member organizations to share their thoughts on the current state, and future of smart city initiatives. Of course, Buddy Platform is right in the thick of it, building the next generation in data infrastructure that will power these projects all … Continued

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Introducing Buddy Ohm, a complete resource monitoring system for smart cities

Earlier today, the Buddy Platform team unveiled Buddy Ohm a simple, complete and low cost solution for monitoring the consumption of electricity, gas, water, steam and solar power generation, called Buddy Ohm. The new product helps accurately measure the consumption of these resources in buildings, government facilities, and public infrastructure, helping managers, occupants and citizens get … Continued

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MWC 17 is complete, here’s a quick look back

Buddy at Mobile World Congress 2018

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one of the largest and most important technology trade shows in the industry, and its scope and breadth of topics continues to grow year over year. Buddy Platform has participated in MWC for a number of years, exhibiting as part the Washington State Department of Commerce’s Choose Washington stand. We couldn’t be more proud to represent … Continued

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Parse on Buddy has your back

Parse on Buddy

Time is running out As some of you know, Facebook is shutting down their Parse service on January 28th, 2017, leaving less than three months for developers to find a new, long term mobile backend. That’s why we’re excited to share our scalable, fully hosted, and fully featured Parse on Buddy service is now available. … Continued

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The rise of IoT platforms

Peggy Smedley Institute

Our Experience at the Peggy Smedley Institute Event – IoT platform growth Our CEO, David McLauchlan spoke at the Peggy Smedley Institute this last Friday in sunny San Diego addressing the rise of IoT platforms and the top four capabilities you should consider when evaluating a platform solution. During our session, we demonstrated a real-time … Continued

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The Importance of IoT Data Collection

iot data

The Quantified Economy is here Analysts agree that IoT is expected to grow tremendously over the next decade and it will impact every industry. We believe this astronomical growth is driven as a result of immediate positive business impact delivered from a new generation of inexpensive sensors; scalable and secure cloud infrastructure; and advanced analytics. … Continued

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Recap of Buddy Q4 FY16 Appendix 4C Summary

We are proud to share our results from another solid quarter at Buddy. We’ve made a lot of noise the last few months and have progressed towards out ultimate goal of impacting the IoT space and more importantly progressing the opportunity associated with the Quantified Economy. This week we provided an updated to our Buddy investors, shareholders and … Continued

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Noveda Technologies selected as energy efficiency system provider in New York State

Growing need for energy efficiency in Smart Cities  Buddy’s commitment to smart cities, building and facility monitoring and verification, and energy efficiency programs is nothing new. We’ve talked about the next generation of the power grid, how IoT could power water monitoring efforts, and most importantly our intent to purchase Noveda Technologies, a leader in energy and water monitoring … Continued

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