Buddy Platform announces intent to acquire Zentri Inc.

Written by Brian Seitz

Growing our business to reach more customers and build new capabilities

It’s been a busy Spring and Summer so far, starting with our large presence at IoT World, the announcement of our intent to acquire Noveda Technologies, and today with the announcement of our intent to acquire Zentri Inc, a leading secure IoT software as a service provider. Since our listing on the ASX in December, we have named strategic acquisitions as a possibility to help us grow our reach, and add additional capabilities to Buddy Platform. Here’s a quick run-down on where things stand today.

Last week we provided some updates on the progress of the deal, along with some changes to the structure of the agreement since it was first announced. We have made great progress toward completing due diligence, and after a few more boxes are checked, we should be in a place to share additional information. We also will provide a live demo of Noveda’s current experience on an upcoming webinar, to help add more context around how Noveda fits into Buddy’s future go-to-market strategy. In the meantime, here are some screen shots of the product in action, delivering value today for a wide range of customers like Comcast, Energy Ottawa, Johnson Controls, and the New York Department of Education.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.31.20 AM

As I mentioned above, we also have big news today with our intent to acquire Zentri, Inc. Zentri has been helping to drive the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), by providing a range of technologies to help businesses securely connect devices to the cloud. Their Secure Connected Platform includes:

  • ZentriOS – a full featured operating system for a broad range of embedded chipset solutions.
  • Zentri Device Management Service – management and remote diagnosis of devices.
  • Zentri Mobile SDK – remote administration and configuration of devices.

The addition of Zentri brings together Buddy’s powerful IoT Data Graph to manage, process, and visualize IoT data coming from embedded chipset solutions managed and powered by ZentriOS and Device Management Service.

Zentri has a great team across two office locations in Los Gatos, CA and Sydney, NSW, aligning perfectly with Buddy’s current footprint in Seattle, WA and Adelaide, SA. This consolidated presence provides deep connections in the Cloud Capital of the World (Seattle), the heart of Silicon Valley (Los Gatos), the center of the business community (Sydney) and the emerging leader in Smart City technology (Adelaide) in Australia.

From today, the due diligence phase of the transaction kicks off and as progress is made we will keep you updated here. In total, these moves significantly broaden our offering and help provide even more value from device data for businesses and organizations around the world.

For a bit more color on the recent news, I sat down with CEO, Dave McLauchlan to ask a couple questions.


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