Buddy certifies new water meter for its Works with Ohm program

Written by Gayle Wooster

As we encounter new opportunities around the world, we continue to add new equipment to our Works with Ohm program. This allows us to expand the Ohm ecosystem consistent with customer requirements.

The Elster V100 Kent volumetric water meter (25mm and 30mm types) is the most recent addition to the Works with Ohm program. We chose to certify this meter because of our expanding opportunities around the world, specifically in the Middle East. This meter was designed to cope with harsh climatic and operating conditions throughout hot, arid regions of the world.

During a Buddy Ohm installation, we add a sensor to this water meter and the output pulse from the meter is read and communicated back to the Buddy Ohm hub, enabling near real-time data to be visualized by the customer.

With this stream of water data, customers who typically had to wait for their water bills can now see for themselves in near real-time when they hit peak water consumption, which equipment or spaces consumed the most water and what their water trends look like. Having this kind of data can also provide a way to assess the effectiveness of water conservation measures.

When paired with the Buddy Ohm alerting system, our water monitoring becomes a leak detection system capable of alerting appropriate staff when water consumption thresholds are crossed.