Buddy Cloud and Airstream take the Internet of Things on an epic road trip

Written by Brian Seitz

There’s lots of time and attention now days dedicated to lofty thoughts and projections when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT). The challenge is getting down to the bottom of what that means for an individual business, especially for industries that traditionally have delivered customer satisfaction and value in the analog world. Arguably, these traditionally offline experiences and products have the most to gain from adopting sensor plus cloud capabilities. That’s exactly how Buddy and Airstream are advancing the state of the art in recreational vehicles.

Airstream recently announced a new connected experience called Smart Control Technology included in the 2019 Airstream Classic line of travel trailers. This new solution helps Airstream owners control and monitor systems and amenities from anywhere. Lighting, HVAC, awning, vent fans, water, propane and battery levels and more can be monitored and managed remotely using a mobile app – helping to keep them connected to the comforts of home, even when they’re far from it. These new capabilities are built on the Buddy Cloud, the result of a tight partnership and extreme focus on the owner experience between Airstream and Buddy Platform.

“Digital technology has improved almost every aspect of our lives,” said Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler. “Shouldn’t it make camping better, too? We think so. That’s why, in keeping with our commitment to innovation, we’re leading the way with our new Smart Control Technology and connectivity solution, starting with our Airstream Classic travel trailers.”

The flexibility of the Buddy Cloud to be tailored to a variety of industries and applications is a huge asset for the company. It helps us work with customers to connect aspirational experiences to real-world value – something that is much harder to achieve than you might expect when it comes to the IoT. Over the next decade, the number of smart spaces will explode creating new value, new products, and new ways of connecting with people and things based on the access to real-time data and control services. The thrust of this wave is built on the tight connection between distributed sensor technology, and powerful software like the Buddy Cloud. Making spaces smarter isn’t just our vision at Buddy Platform, it’s the way we translate real value to our customers from schools, to hotels, to recreational vehicles.

But just as important, and I think the key differentiating element between success and failure in partnerships like this one comes down to the people. Trust between organizational teams building the experiences, and always putting the customer experience at the center of everything we do. We’re very proud to work on an amazing product like the 2019 Airstream Classic with Smart Control Technology, it’s a hallmark example of how solid relationships can deliver Smarter Spaces for people around the world.