Buddy launches Carbon Offset as a Service Feature

Written by David McLauchlan

Not a week goes by when environmental concerns don’t top our news feeds. Polar ice caps are melting. Ocean life population is declining due to warmer waters. Seas are rising and there is increased flooding. We’re seeing longer and more damaging wildfire seasons; an increase in extreme weather events. It can all seem pretty overwhelming.

Thankfully, ambitions are also on the rise. The 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement has heightened the world’s awareness and understanding of the impact of its carbon footprint on the environment. Not only has this led to government incentives and regulation, it has also spurred individuals to demand greater environmental accountability from themselves and the products they invest in or consume.

That’s why at Buddy we’re rolling out our Carbon Offset as a Service feature. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to shrink your carbon footprint by first measuring your building’s energy footprint, calculating carbon emissions associated with your building’s energy consumption, and automatically purchasing Gold Standard carbon offsets for you.

We believe an investment in sustainability is a pledge to the health of our business so starting today we’re offsetting the carbon from the energy consumed in both our Seattle and Adelaide offices. Also starting today, our customers can  now turn on Carbon Offset as a Service, or purchase a bundle with everything needed to get started measuring your energy consumption and offsetting accordingly.

It feels great to have a positive impact on the environment. It feels even better to share your sustainability efforts with customers and employees. To that end, we’ll supply Carbon Offset as a Service customers a Carbon Offset badge for your website and update your Buddy View dashboard to show that you’re mitigating your company’s climate impact by offsetting all or part of your carbon footprint.

It couldn’t be easier to check the box on this element of your company’s commitment to sustainability. We hope you’ll do as we have and take this first step toward a more sustainable future for your business.