Buddy makes smart spaces accessible to all

Written by Gayle Wooster

Organizations of all sizes around the world are making energy savings a business priority. They’re recognizing the need to collect relevant, timely data about their energy use in order to make informed energy resource decisions.

No matter what kind of business or organization, regardless of the type of structure, Buddy is working with companies around the world to help them achieve their energy and sustainability goals.

Buddy has recently signed up a variety of new customers with different purposes – schools, stores, banks, resorts, wineries- but they all share the common objective of gaining access to real-time utility, energy and environmental data to identify energy waste, make adjustments and save.

Some of our recent Buddy Ohm installations include:

  • A grocery co-op in Washington use Buddy Ohm to monitor all their cold storage units 24×7. They receive real-time alerts to prevent food spoilage, gain easy access to real-time data for compliance reporting and manage their building’s temperature to optimize their customers’ experience.
  • A luxury resort on the island of Antigua in the West Indies will use Buddy Ohm to simplify the collection of data across their property and use the data for reporting to maintain their LEED resort certification.
  • A bank in the Dominican Republic monitors their energy consumption to keep their building comfortable and its occupants happy. With Buddy Ohm, they will be able to easily locate trends in heating and cooling data to optimize and manage energy costs.
  • A large health and beauty product manufacturer in the UK will start monitoring their energy use to gain an accurate picture of the real demand of their building’s key spaces to save energy, money and time.
  • A successful Australian winemaker signed up to use Buddy Ohm in their business to optimize building performance, minimize energy cost and mitigate environmental impact. They are excited to use Buddy’s dashboards to empower occupants with new levels of visibility and actionable information.

With the simple and affordable Buddy Ohm solution, all businesses and organizations can reach their sustainability goals without compromising profits.