Buddy Ohm to be deployed in the Caribbean through the largest mobile operator in the region

Written by Brian Seitz

In the hospitality and tourism industry, the customer experience is paramount. When experience and atmosphere is your core product, you want to do everything you can to make it as rich and immersive as possible. Often, creating these experiences relies on lush landscapes, stunning displays and environmental comfort for guests. These lean on ample power, water and other natural resources, so monitoring and optimizing usage of these resources is paramount to maintain these premium client experiences.

This afternoon, David McLauchlan CEO of Buddy Platform and Vanessa Slowey, CEO of Digicel Caribbean and Central America stood on stage at an invite only conference focused on technology and tourism to announce a major deal. The agreement with Digicel includes a Buddy Ohm product to be marketed, sold, distributed and installed across its 26 markets in the Caribbean and Central America. The product will be branded “Ohm – powered by Digicel” in-region, replacing the Buddy branding on the Buddy Ohm and Ohm Link products.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to announce Digicel as our first major mobile operator reseller”, said Buddy Platform CEO, David McLauchlan. “Digicel operates in markets with very expensive energy and many of their larger customers, like governments and the hospitality industry, have facilities with extraordinarily large energy costs. There’s a huge opportunity for Ohm in the Caribbean and Central America, and there’s no better partner to have in this region than Digicel”.

“After first being introduced to Buddy Ohm, we immediately saw a strong market fit for the product, and were very interested in partnering with Buddy to sell Ohm across our markets,” said Vanessa Slowey, CEO of Digicel Caribbean and Central America. She continued, “As a real test of the product’s capabilities, we installed Ohm in our own headquarters facility in Jamaica. Now, we’re proud to pair it with our connectivity and take it out to our customers so that they too can start recognizing the benefits.”

Digicel is the largest mobile operator in the Caribbean and as such has key relationships with some of the largest energy and resource consumers in the region. These resorts, hotels and government buildings can gain the most from the monitoring Buddy Ohm can provide, and as such, use those savings to increase the bottom line, and provide better experiences to their customers and constituents. In the region, Ohm monitoring data will be powered by Digicel’s super fast 4G and LTE data networks and processed Buddy Cloud. We are very proud to work with Digicel to help bring resource savings to their customers, and help them provide premium experiences to their clientele.