Buddy Platform Surpasses First Performance Milestone

Written by Brian Seitz

We had some great news earlier this week about hitting our first ever performance milestone! We passed 20 million discrete connections per day through Buddy Platform, in fact we averaged a high of 35.1 million connections. This milestone marks the completion of the first performance milestone, a full seventeen months ahead of schedule, and signals significant traction as we look to capture as much IoT traffic as possible. The traffic came from a wide variety of devices including 4,600 electrical, solar, water and wind meters. It also represents traffic coming from over 80 countries, and 500,000 devices in China alone.  This is just the first of three milestones, so lots of work ahead of us, but we are pumped up and pushing forward.

We will share more updates as we achieve our other two milestones both projected to be met ahead of scheduled as well. Here’s a quick note from CEO David McLauchlan on our progress so far and future predictions on expected traffic!


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