Buddy to acquire smart lighting company, LIFX

Written by Gayle Wooster

At Buddy, we believe that every occupied space – be they offices, homes, schools or cities – will use ‘smart’ technology to become more efficient and sustainable. We also believe as many others do, that intelligent lighting will be the foundation for such smart spaces. And that’s why we’re here; to enable people to live better in these smart spaces.

In a step to further this vision,  we announced today that we have signed an agreement to acquire LIFX, a leading provider of WIFI enabled LED bulbs that can be controlled from anywhere by a mobile device and by voice operation.

LIFX has been paving the way in smart lighting since 2012 when they launched the first-ever multi-colored LED WiFi light. Over the past few months, we added LIFX to our Works with Ohm program and have been increasingly inspired by their solutions and shared vision to help make spaces smarter through lighting.

We consider LIFX lights to be the most compatible and easy to install energy and sensing sources for Buddy Ohm and are excited about the announcement today as we look forward to taking the next steps to close this deal and start realizing new advanced IoT opportunities together.

For more information about Buddy’s plans to acquire LIFX, please read our official market announcement.