Buddy’s making waves in the Caribbean

Written by Gayle Wooster

Those ripples in the proverbial pond are catching hold and building into more opportunities for Buddy Ohm to deliver value to our customers.

Back in November, we certified a volumetric water meter into our Works with Ohm program which has enabled us to offer more customers the benefits of instant feedback on their water usage.

This month, we’ve done just that with new customers in Curacao who are not only tracking their electricity use and temperature levels, but also monitoring their water consumption with Buddy Ohm. One of these customers is a US government multi-site project where Buddy Ohm is monitoring electricity, Data Center temperature and water. As well as a marquee quick-serve franchise, and a luxury rental complex of villages and apartments situated on the southwestern shore of Curacao.

These customers and others around the world have recognized that with advanced wireless mesh networking technology and IoT-based sensors that deploying a water monitoring system is more cost-effective than ever. Buddy Ohm and Buddy Cloud work seamlessly together to offer a long list of benefits – regardless of type of business. Here’s a preview of what our water monitoring users can expect:

• Eliminate the need to manually read your facility’s water meters, saving hours of labor
• Compare peak and non-peak water usage patterns to determine areas for improvement
• Detect seasonal trends and anomalies
• Collect actionable real-time data for the entire facility or sub-meter areas to confirm efficiency of water conservation measures
• Track water project savings
• Reduce the cost of acquiring operational data at a granular, meaningful level
• Enable remote monitoring via an easy-to-read portal and occupant-facing dashboards
• Get advanced warning of parameters outside the norms via alarms and remote notifications

If you’re interested in finding out how Buddy Ohm can help you monitor your utilities and start reaping these benefits for your business, contact [email protected] today.