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The LIFX acquisition is complete

We are proud to announce the completion of the acquisition of smart lighting technology company, LIFX. With our two companies now as one under the Buddy Technologies Limited group, we are well positioned to fulfill our vision to Make Every Space Smarter. You can find all the details of the final deal here. Lighting is … Continued

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Taking the Buddy Ohm message on the road

It’s always satisfying talking to IoT community members and demonstrating the real impact Buddy Ohm can have for our clients. It’s also exciting when our partners see the opportunities for their customers in our solutions. This October, the Buddy team focused on spreading Buddy goodness through our channels and partners at several key industry events … Continued

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Back to school with Buddy Ohm

Back to school - Whitefish - Blog

This past week we’ve watched as loved ones share their back to school photos before heading off for their first day. It’s an exciting time of year for students—one chock-full of new beginnings, new classrooms and teachers, and educational advancement. For facilities and operations staff who run and manage these buildings, however, a new school … Continued

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Smart Buildings – Smart Cities

Smart Buildings are key to Smart Cities. This OpEd was published in the Australian New Zealand Property Journal, December 2017. Within the technology context, the concept of a ‘Smart City’ has been gathering pace over the last 10 years. Whilst there’s no single accepted definition, a Smart City refers to the use of technology, sensors, … Continued

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Sticking up for planet Earth

As Kermit The Frog famously said, “It isn’t easy being green”, and today following the decision of the US Federal Government, we find that to be true. We are unapologetic environmental enthusiasts here at Buddy Platform, we love that we’re helping to preserve our precious resources by making cities more efficient. So, when learning today … Continued

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Kicking off the Buddy Ohm roadshow

Since announcing Buddy Ohm in Sydney on March 21st, we have fielded a number of questions, and met with many prospects in the U.S., and here across Australia. We couldn’t be more excited about the potential for a complete resource monitoring system like Buddy Ohm. Our conversations with early customers only validates the real opportunity for Buddy … Continued

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Introducing Buddy Ohm, a complete resource monitoring system for smart cities

Earlier today, the Buddy Platform team unveiled Buddy Ohm a simple, complete and low cost solution for monitoring the consumption of electricity, gas, water, steam and solar power generation, called Buddy Ohm. The new product helps accurately measure the consumption of these resources in buildings, government facilities, and public infrastructure, helping managers, occupants and citizens get … Continued

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MWC 17 is complete, here’s a quick look back

Buddy at Mobile World Congress 2018

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one of the largest and most important technology trade shows in the industry, and its scope and breadth of topics continues to grow year over year. Buddy Platform has participated in MWC for a number of years, exhibiting as part the Washington State Department of Commerce’s Choose Washington stand. We couldn’t be more proud to represent … Continued

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Parse on Buddy has your back

Parse on Buddy

Time is running out As some of you know, Facebook is shutting down their Parse service on January 28th, 2017, leaving less than three months for developers to find a new, long term mobile backend. That’s why we’re excited to share our scalable, fully hosted, and fully featured Parse on Buddy service is now available. … Continued

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Update on Noveda and Zentri Transactions

Earlier today we issued some updates on the transactions to acquire Zentri and Noveda Technologies. It’s safe to say the Zentri transaction didn’t come together like I, or many others on the team expected. But even with that, we remain really excited about our opportunity to advance existing and new business through our pipeline. First … Continued

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The rise of IoT platforms

Peggy Smedley Institute

Our Experience at the Peggy Smedley Institute Event – IoT platform growth Our CEO, David McLauchlan spoke at the Peggy Smedley Institute this last Friday in sunny San Diego addressing the rise of IoT platforms and the top four capabilities you should consider when evaluating a platform solution. During our session, we demonstrated a real-time … Continued

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Recap of Buddy Q4 FY16 Appendix 4C Summary

We are proud to share our results from another solid quarter at Buddy. We’ve made a lot of noise the last few months and have progressed towards out ultimate goal of impacting the IoT space and more importantly progressing the opportunity associated with the Quantified Economy. This week we provided an updated to our Buddy investors, shareholders and … Continued

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