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Collaboration, integration and interoperability key to smart cities

Long the responsibility of State Governments, the Australian Federal Government has been considering what central role they might play in the development of cities. As the country struggles with population growth, economic transition and climate change, the solutions offered by IoT technologies, smart and connected cities and infrastructure is of increasing national interest. At a … Continued

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Key considerations when building Smarter Cities

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the 2016 Smart City Summit in Boston. I estimate nearly 300 participants including a host of municipalities, infrastructure providers, professional services organizations, and partners like Buddy Platform were in attendance. It was very encouraging to see a number of city infrastructure Internet of Things (IoT) projects underway, not … Continued

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The Importance of IoT Data Collection

iot data

The Quantified Economy is here Analysts agree that IoT is expected to grow tremendously over the next decade and it will impact every industry. We believe this astronomical growth is driven as a result of immediate positive business impact delivered from a new generation of inexpensive sensors; scalable and secure cloud infrastructure; and advanced analytics. … Continued

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Recap of Buddy Q4 FY16 Appendix 4C Summary

We are proud to share our results from another solid quarter at Buddy. We’ve made a lot of noise the last few months and have progressed towards out ultimate goal of impacting the IoT space and more importantly progressing the opportunity associated with the Quantified Economy. This week we provided an updated to our Buddy investors, shareholders and … Continued

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