Checking In on Works With Ohm

Written by Brian Seitz

At the Buddy Connect event in Sydney in March, 2018, we unveiled a new program called Works with Ohm, designed to help broaden the types of meters and sensors that can transmit data to Buddy Ohm. Why take this approach? In reality, we can’t possibly make or anticipate every scenario or meter that may present itself in buildings we service around the world. To help accommodate this reality, we have a powerful asset – The Buddy Cloud. Buddy Ohm’s Cloud capabilities allow for the flexibility to integrate data streams from a wide range of sources; Could be devices we make, could be devices made by others, could be direct cloud-to-cloud integrations with other service providers or data sources.

We’ve made some progress in the program over the last six months. Here’s a quick rundown.

  • In March, 2018, we announced support for Leviton, Itron, EKM and WattWatchers devices allowing for deeper energy analysis, denser electrical panel installations and additional monitoring options for water
  • In August we announced support for a new range of devices and meters to directly support new customer installations around the world. These devices and meters include Arad Woltman WSTsb 4” Water Meter, Arad Woltman WSTsb 3” Water Meter, Leviton 2000 Energy Meter, Leviton 4000 Energy Meter, Honeywell Elster 9M-G160 Gas Meter, EKM SPGWM .75” Water Meter, EKM SPWM 1.5” Water Meter, EKM PGM .75” Gas Meter and the ITRON Cyble Water Sensor
  • Finally, on September 13th, we announced support for LIFX smart lighting. Using smart lighting platforms allows Buddy Ohm to tap into a variety of data streams related to energy consumption, lighting configurations, occupancy and comfort. LIFX smart lighting products are some of the fastest growing and widely loved bulbs in homes and businesses today, providing an excellent way to add value to existing installations today, and for those to come.

The Works with Ohm program continues to gain steam and allows us to grow the Ohm ecosystem in a thoughtful and programmatic way, adding new customer driven scenarios and creating new business value from smart space data.