Collaborative climate action

Written by Tim Ritchie

Through 2017 disclosures from 7,000 corporations (including 70% of the S&P 500) and 750 cities in seven key US states, the CDP (a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts) reports that substantial numbers of companies and cities are already on their own journeys in reaction to climate change. Unfortunately, too many are preoccupied with bracing for the twofold impacts of dangerous climate change (2017 was the most expensive natural disaster year in US history to date, with damages costing over $300 billion nationwide) and a disjointed and uncertain policy landscape, rather than focusing on future preparation and resilience.

On a more positive note, major parts of the US economy remain committed to collaborative climate action. Via the World Green Building Council’s Advancing Net Zero project, eight American cities – of twenty-two cities globally – have committed to ensure that our cities develop the net zero carbon buildings of the future. These cities have pledged to enact policy to ensure new buildings operate at net zero carbon output by 2030 and all buildings by 2050. Joining them are five corporations – representing real estate, manufacturing, and tech – with operations in the US, committing to net zero carbon building portfolios.

In the spirit of positive proactivity, Buddy Platform is proud to align with the Advancing Net Zero project’s key principles.

1 – Measure and disclose carbon
Carbon is the ultimate metric to track, and buildings must achieve an annual operational net zero carbon emissions balance based on metered data.

Buddy Ohm measures your building’s energy footprint, calculates carbon emissions associated with your building’s energy consumption, and can automatically purchase carbon offsets for you if you so desire.

2 – Reduce energy demand
Prioritize energy efficiency to ensure that buildings are performing as efficiently as possible, and not wasting energy

Buddy Ohm offers clear visualizations of your real-time energy use over time so you can quickly identify anomalies and address them without waiting for monthly bills or digging through unintelligible data tables.

3 – Generate balance from renewables
Supply remaining demand from renewable energy sources, preferably on-site followed by off-site, or from offsets

Buddy Ohm can monitor your on-site solar generation and we offer Carbon Offsets as a Service to offset any remaining non-renewably sourced electricity use.

4 – Improve verification and rigor
Over time, progress to include embodied carbon and other impact areas such as zero water and zero waste

Buddy Ohm is a monitoring and verification solution for your building’s entire energy envelope, including electricity, water and gas.

Our Buddy Ohm solution can help your business become part of the greater commitment to operate buildings at net zero carbon by 2050. A smart building journey starts with the first step. Reach out to find out how we can help you get started.