Customers chart a path to more Ohm applications

Written by Gayle Wooster

It’s no secret that businesses thrive when they are built with their customers in mind. And businesses spend a great deal of time, money and effort in researching strategies to make that a reality. We are always looking at patterns in the market, product research, competitor analysis, etc., to determine whether our approach is paying off, or if we need to adapt as new information is uncovered.

At Buddy, we believe that our customers determine our ongoing success. Not just today, but into the future as well. It follows, then, that we must include their feedback and use of Ohm in our overall growth strategy. We recognize our customers are not only a rich source of information; they can also provide insights we couldn’t get anywhere else.

That said, a primary use of Buddy Ohm to date  has been in realizing efficiencies and energy savings. That is to say, we offer a simple, affordable solution to enable buildings to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact. As we’ve been interacting over time with our customers, we’re collecting feedback and finding new applications for monitoring utility resources within a building or group of buildings. What we’re learning is that yes, energy and cost savings are motivational, but peace of mind is also a huge incentive.

Two areas where we’ve seen this specifically are in temperature monitoring and alerting of Data Centers and Food Preservation/Refrigeration.

  • Data Centers: Cyber threats get most of the attention, but environmental factors can be just as overwhelming when you consider the expensive equipment at stake and the businesses that depend on them. Buddy Ohm offers 24/7 wireless sensors to monitor and protect temperature-critical environments from anywhere.
  • Food Preservation/Refrigeration: Costly spoilage happens when food storage coolers fall above or below optimal range. Buddy Ohm ensures quality control around-the-clock with real-time access to environmental alerts, remotely or locally, helping maintain an idyllic, healthy environment.

Peace of mind is valuable. So is demonstrating a commitment to the quality of your product, whether it’s food or data and the servers that house it. So is saving resources by automating what formerly may have been manual temperature checks. And so is preventing costly damage to stock.  Buddy Ohm offers the peace of mind and security that allow you to sleep easy knowing you’ll be notified if anything is wrong.