Exciting news from Buddy: Parse Server Support

Written by Buddy

While Buddy has emerged as a leading data backend solution for IoT and other connected devices, our support for mobile smartphone applications is about to take a powerful step forward.

Facebook recently announced that they were shutting down the Parse mBaaS service, and in less than a month, they will begin deprioritizing applications that haven’t migrated their data to external MongoDB instances.

To help developers affected by this de-commissioning, we’ve been heads down building out a fully hosted, fully managed, auto-scaling implementation of Parse Server targeted at higher volume applications. We’re getting ready to start beta testing this platform, with the expectation that it will be live and fully operational prior to the April 28th cut-off date provided by Facebook.

Here’s what we’ll be offering:

  • Parse Server as a truly fully hosted solution – that means you won’t have to manage database instances, installs, upgrades, etc…
  • Fully scaled, high volume/capacity implementation – including a service-level agreement (SLA)
  • Multi-region support – we’ll be standing up Parse instances in the US, EU, China and Australia (new applications only, for now)
  • High volume push notification support for iOS & Android, with a dedicated PPNS implementation to come very shortly
  • Push notification support added to the Parse Dashboard
  • Multiple application support (once again, you can have both test and prod versions of your app set up side-by-side in Parse)
  • Migration support – our globally located teams will be available to assist with app migrations, and to address specific regional or functionality inquiries.

We believe that developers were attracted to Parse because they didn’t want to manage backend services. We have built a publicly traded, global business on providing scalable, secure, device backend data services and have committed ourselves to providing as seamless and smooth a migration option for Parse customers as soon as possible. We’ve traveled to the Bay Area and spent time with the Parse team at Facebook HQ, and we’ve been fortunate to have their support as we build out this solution. As we approach our beta, it’s time to get the development community’s input.

So – if you have an application that could benefit from our Parse implementation, we’d love to hear from you, especially if you’d be interested in participating in our beta test program. Even better – we’d love to hear from the community what features missing from Parse Server you need most. This will help us prioritize our development work accordingly.

You can always reach us at [email protected], and we’re active in the GitHub repository as well. Let us know what your needs are, we’d love to learn more!

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