Introducing Buddy Ohm Managed Services

Written by Travis Gerber

At Buddy, our vision is to ‘make every space smarter.’

We’ve found that technology, when coupled with sound processes and domain expertise, drives significant results in a building’s performance and bottom line. We’ve also found that many of our customers don’t have the resources or time available to leverage increasing amounts of building data to make smarter decisions and act on them.

Now we’ve got that covered too.

Buddy is formally launching our Managed Services options combining our Buddy Ohm technology with technical and energy management expertise to deliver data-driven insights, enhance operational efficiency and help our customers drive down energy and maintenance costs.

So, we’re now offering three levels of Managed Services to augment our customers’ building monitoring efforts:

  1. Advanced Monitoring Service
    This option includes 24×7 alert management, weekly alert summaries and monthly service delivery and compliance reports.

Example: Adhering to important food safety regulations fall squarely on food service operations. Buddy Ohm grocery store and food service customers use our Advanced Monitoring Service to simplify their operations and free up time for other duties. Buddy configures alerts across store/restaurant portfolios – refrigeration temperatures are key – and handles any regulatory compliance reporting necessary. Our customers no longer need to manually check refrigeration temperatures and they get peace of mind knowing we have their backs.

  1. Advanced Insights and Reporting Service
    This option includes everything above, plus customized weekly resource utilization reports/dashboards and monthly reports with insights including industry and regional trends.

Example: With the cost and environmental impact of energy production rising every year and some countries enacting regulations and reporting policies, it’s now more important than ever for businesses to understand how they are consuming and can optimize their energy usage across their portfolio of buildings and sites. Buddy Ohm utility management customers are using our Advanced Insights and Reporting Service to identify patterns in their building occupancy and optimizing their HVAC and lighting systems to reduce energy consumption and costs.

  1. Advanced Consulting Services
    This option includes everything in 1 & 2, plus customized quarterly recommendations on sustainability/efficiency programs and monthly impact bench marking and progress of each program.

Example: According to Price Waterhouse Coopers’ SDG Reporting Challenge Report, many (72%) organizations now mention their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their annual corporate or sustainability report. However, a much smaller number (23%) have disclosed meaningful Key Performance Indicators and targets related to the SDGs. Buddy education customers are turning to our Advanced Consulting Services to establish KPIs and implementation plans that include compliance with international standards and strong occupant/employee engagement programs.

Engage Buddy’s Managed Services so you and your team can work as efficiently as possible, while making a positive environmental contribution using meaningful metrics. Download our Buddy Ohm Managed Services brochure or Contact Us for more information.