IoT World Europe 2016 is in the books, here’s our take

Written by Brian Seitz

With the show coming to a close, I thought it would be good to share how things went, and pull out some trends we heard after talking with over 1000 show attendees passing through the Buddy Platform booth over two days. IoT World Europe is a smaller show than the event hosted in Santa Clara, CA, but still featured many positive conversations and interesting business cases where Buddy could play a key role.

Importance of supporting data sovereignty rules and regulations –  Buddy Platform has sandboxed instances of our service running around the world including the European Union, North America, Australia and China (inside and outside the firewall). With the importance of data privacy and security today, this was a capability that resonated with IoT World Europe attendees. We expect the need for isolated data hosting to only increase over the coming years.

Focus on individual impact – doing IoT for the sake of IoT isn’t a great business strategy. New initiatives, product lines and systems should put people and their experience at the center. Often this means starting with the most basic data points. Where is my thing, is it on or off, is it performing as expected? Starting small to validate assumptions against real data, then growing into new areas based on that knowledge will ensure new projects are rooted in reality.

Owning the data, not the data infrastructure – as more companies and organizations look to get their devices and things connected, the more they are realizing that doing it all is not a viable business proposition. There are indeed a select number of businesses with capabilities and resources to build robust data infrastructure, and for them owning that system could be a key part of their business strategy. For the large majority of businesses around the EU and the world, their focus and attention should be making great appliances, providing great services, and creating new product lines – not investing in homegrown backend infrastructure. Will new streams of real-time data from these devices make their business smarter? Absolutely. But that doesn’t necessarily translate into hiring specialized cloud developers, and building, managing and maintaining a 24×7 data management and processing system.

Appageddon looms large – there are lots of businesses and developers that know they need to migrate their mobile apps off Facebook’s Parse service, and even more that are unaware the service shutdown was looming in late January 2017. The fact Parse on Buddy is so similar to the original Parse service, and Buddy’s heritage as a Mobile Backend as a Service [MBaaS] was very well received. Parse on Buddy combined with our fully integrated IoT data solution means we are a part of a select group of companies that can offer a true “Things and Apps” platform. Need help migrating an app, or learning if your app is still running on the original Parse service? Drop us a note at [email protected]

Finally, we took the opportunity to capture some quick thoughts from CEO, David McLauchlan, wrap up IoT World in addition to his presentation to IoT World Europe attendees. You can find both videos below, and we look forward to sharing more developments from the show over the coming weeks.

Buddy Platform, CEO, David McLauchlan presents on the Quantified Economy


End of show recap