Lono arrives in The Home Depot

Written by Buddy

Here we are a few weeks into Spring, and here in the Pacific Northwest that means weekend trips to Home Depot, to plan and place the stars of your 2016 garden. I am really good at buying plants, pretty good at getting them in the ground, and absolutely terrible with remembering to water them. Lono aims to help by not only automating your watering system, but making it intelligent, watering when the plants need it, skipping it when they don’t. Starting this week, you can purchase Lono watering systems at Home Depot stores around the country.Lono1-293x300

Behind the scenes Lono is leveraging Buddy Platform, making it the first product using Buddy to land in the large retailer. We are actively building new connections and opportunities with other consumer IoT manufacturers, helping to provide real-time performance and error data, along with two-way control of devices like this in homes around the world.