Mistakes happen: Migrate from self-hosted Parse Server to Parse on Buddy

Written by Brad Serbus

Having self-hosted Parse Server ‘buyer’s remorse’? We have found that a number of customers have gone down the path of standing up their own instance of the open-source Parse Server upon which Parse on Buddy is based. But, they’ve run into a couple of deal-breaking issues:

  • The open-source Parse Server has a host of missing features.
  • They find that they don’t want to manage their instance of Parse Server 24x7x365.

We knew these would be serious issues for app developers and owners, and our Parse on Buddy hosted solution was built to directly address those concerns.

Over the course of many months we have been hard at work filling in missing features like cloud code & cloud code database triggers, background jobs, webhooks, password reset/account verification email templates, and more. We will continue to fill in missing features from the open-source Parse Server, which you will be able to take advantage of as we deploy them to production.

As for management, we handle updates and bug fixes for Parse Server automatically for apps. We handle database backups for disaster recovery automatically as well. We monitor the service 24x7x365 and take steps if there are cloud infrastructure issues that would impact your customers and users, and provide status on our status website. We also have an optional SLA for business customers that require it.

To help customers with ‘buyer’s remorse’, we have recently enabled migration from their own self-hosted Parse Server instances to Parse on Buddy. The process is very similar to the original migration from the Parse.com service. For all the details see https://buddy.com/parse/parse-server-migration/.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create your Parse on Buddy app, and copy manual configuration from your self-hosted Parse Server app.
  • Contact us here at Parse on Buddy, so we can get your MongoDB connection string and connect your Parse on Buddy app to it.
  • Update your client apps, test, and publish to the app stores.
  • Schedule time with Parse on Buddy for us to copy your data from your current Parse Server MongoDB instance.

If you’d like to get out of running your own mobile-backend-as-a-service, and get back to focusing on your apps and new experiences, please contact us at [email protected], and we’ll be sure to help you out!