Monitor IT assets to avoid downtime, optimize employee resources and gain peace of mind

Written by Gayle Wooster

Protecting valuable assets in network closets, server rooms and data centers is a key element to reliable systems that are the backbone of most businesses today.

By monitoring environmental conditions that surround expensive IT assets, you can have peace of mind knowing that if temperature, humidity or electricity supply starts to change beyond desired thresholds, you will be notified in real-time and can take appropriate actions.

That’s exactly why a major group of regional companies in the Caribbean and a well-known North American financial institution have chosen Buddy Ohm to help protect their critical IT infrastructure.

To meet customer and operational demands across their enterprises, these companies and many others like them utilize data centers to house some or all of their valuable digital assets.

With Buddy Ohm, they can remotely monitor and mitigate risk related to energy failure or environmental issues that may arise. Having 24x7x365 remote monitoring capability allows them to spend time on their core businesses and not worry about what’s happening with their equipment at an offsite facility.

Whether your data center is on premise or offsite, Buddy Ohm’s centralized portal allows operational visibility from anywhere and with its real-time, user-configurable alerts you’ll be notified if your immediate attention is necessary.

Buddy Ohm is simple, affordable and easy to install.  Don’t wait to protect your IT assets until it’s too late. Avoid downtime by being informed before they occur, use your employee resources efficiently and monitor your environment with Buddy Ohm. Click here to get started!