Monthly Reporting and Sentinel Trends added to the suite of Buddy Ohm features

Written by April Wright

With our suite of hardware and software solutions in our complete Buddy Ohm solution, our goal is always to make your day-to-day easier no matter your role or expertise-level on building energy. Last week we rolled out two new features that add to this promise. Read more about each feature below and check them out at

Monthly Reporting

With Buddy Platform you’ll automatically receive monthly reports on your building’s energy use and have access to historical reports as well. These reports get automatically dropped into your inbox at the top of the month. Here are 3 other ways the Monthly Reporting feature can help you.

Quick comparisons. Just like the Insights page, the monthly report pulls together the key comparisons within your building. You can compare your current month’s energy use to the previous month or even the previous year to quickly benchmark your consumption and/or progress toward your energy reduction goals. Percentage breakouts between weekdays and weekends also allows you to track if your building is using too much energy on off-peak days.

Spot high energy use. Easily spot high energy consumption with the activity maps that are provided in the report for every monitoring point and use them to better understand how to adapt and modulate typical energy consumption within your building.

Sharing with stakeholders and beyond. Sharing a snapshot of your building’s energy use has never been easier. Because this report is dropped into your inbox every month, you can easily grab the charts and images necessary to show gains in your building’s energy performance and areas for improvement. You can also use the data shared with in the report to help fill out compliance reports.

Sentinel Energy Trends

With Sentinel Energy Trends you can learn your building’s common patterns and easily spot consumption that is out of range. Our machine learning module recognizes and aggregates patterns from the past 30 days providing you a range of the expected load or any given circuit and/or piece of equipment. Here are 3 ways you can use this within your building to optimize time and save money.

Better spot system or equipment failure. Old or faulty equipment on the brink of failure typically displays erratic behavior. If your equipment starts to spike above or below your typical trend line, it may be time to call in service for a quick check.

Load shedding. With knowledge of your utility companies’ peak rates, you can use Sentinel Energy Trends to help identify areas where you can load shed; ultimately saving you money. If you’re thinking of strategies to reduce your building’s energy use during peak hours, an easy place to start is with lighting loads. They often can be reduced by up to 30% without discomfort to building occupants.

Create or Refine Alerts. Sentinel Energy Trends allows you to easily spot the common patterns in your building. Using these patterns, you can create new alerts—or refine existing alerts—to better manage and react to key systems or equipment in your building when they’re out of a designated range.

Building monitoring doesn’t need to be laborious or time consuming if you have a product with a well-rounded set of features that are accessible to everybody. Between the addition of these two features and the enhancements added in the Fall, we’re confident that Buddy Ohm can help jump start your energy reduction goals.

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