Nothing Beats a Follow-On Order

Written by David McLauchlan

Nothing screams “satisfaction” like a follow up order from an existing customer. Here at Buddy we’ve seen a recent trend in site augmentation with some of our installed base customers expanding the breadth of the energy/utility resources they are tracking. This uptick tells us that our customers are getting value from the data they are collecting and finding more opportunities to expand the footprint and further leverage Buddy’s Ohm Solution.

Some of our recent follow-on orders are from the likes of:

  • A national water commission
  • One of the world’s largest food and beverage companies
  • A five-star resort and luxury hotel property, part of an international, award-winning brand

All of these opportunities originally came to Buddy through our extensive Channel Partner community. This community continues to augment our direct sales force by searching out new prospects and getting Buddy’s solutions into the hands of the people who need them.

We’ve long talked about the fact that selling through resellers and distributors (whose customers are resellers) can significantly add to the total time taken to go from signing that partner, to sell-through to end users. Of course the trade off in that equation is that we get far broader reach, which means that we’re able to sell Buddy Ohm into different kinds of customers, and with different kinds of requirements than we’d ordinarily be able to reach ourselves.

There’s a special kind of satisfaction found when a happy customer orders more product. It’s extremely early days still, but we’re now starting to have data around renewal rates and time to do so. This also gives us a baseline from which we can work to increase those rates, and decrease the time to do so. Stay tuned as we share more learning over time from the evolution of the Buddy Ohm business.