Parse shutting down: Buddy’s got your back

Written by Buddy

Read the latest update from Buddy: Parse Server Support

Today, the Parse team over at Facebook announced that they are beginning to wind down the Parse service, with a plan to retire it in January 2017. Buddy was originally a mobile backend as a service (BaaS) that competed with Parse prior to our pivot to an Internet of Things (IoT) data management platform. However, when we pivoted the company, we never forgot our mobile BaaS roots and maintained our mobile BaaS functionality. This was important because most consumer IoT products have a mobile component of some sort.

Unfortunately, the mBaaS world is littered with providers who either shut down, or were acquired and then shut down. It’s no fun for developers, and having spent a lot of time in this space, the team here at Buddy can certainly sympathize. However, more than that, we want to help.

This evening, I can share that the Buddy team is working to see if we can host the open source Parse Server made available today. By doing this, developers would be able to use a version of Parse Server without needing to host and/or maintain it themselves. There are a lot of features not available in Parse Server, and many of those are natively available on the Buddy Platform – some analytics functionality, push notifications, dashboards, config support, etc… We’re investigating how we can make those features as seamlessly available to Parse customers as possible.

Obviously, like many developers, we’re investigating the impact of this development in real-time. Frankly – we need to figure out if what Parse has provided is something we can host at scale. Whatever the outcome though, we’ll be transparent and honest with developers. And as a publicly–traded company that IPO’d last year, we’re no longer dependent on VC funding nor subject to parent company strategy shifts. We think that makes us a pretty safe and stable bet for any developer building mobile or connected device applications.

We’re going to send out regular updates on our efforts to stand up a hosted Parse Server instance. If you’d like to check out our platform, try our live dev console or browse our docs, simply visit or create an account for free right here, and you’ll find docs right here.

Thanks for checking out Buddy – between our teams here in Seattle and in Adelaide, Australia – we’re here to help.

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