Teamwork is the recipe for success!

Written by Beth Worrall

With team members scattered across Australia and the US, we’re prolific users of collaboration technology and video teleconferencing to break down these geographical barriers.

Last week provided us with a rare and fantastic opportunity to physically bring many of our people to Adelaide for a three-day planning and strategy event. As a relatively new person to Buddy, it was a wonderful and exciting couple of days to better get to know colleagues, gain a deeper understanding of our products and get excited about our strategic direction!

On Wednesday night, 18 of us headed down to Bowden in suburban Adelaide to Cook for a Cause with OzHarvest, Australia’s leading food rescue charity.

Working in small teams, and under the direction of celebrity chef Bree May, we managed to create over 150 meals using rescued food – including roasted chicken, stuffed capsicums with sweet potato mash and meatballs with spicy eggplant and cabbage.  These nutritious meals were delivered by OzHarvest to a number of community and charitable organisations the next day.

This experience has taught us about the staggering problem of food waste in Australia, where up to 4 million tonnes of food is sent to landfill every year. Globally, and if food waste was a country, it would be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gases after USA and China.

Our people at Buddy care deeply about environmental issues, and our Buddy Ohm service provides organisations with the data and insight they need to reduce their carbon emissions. So the opportunity to divert good food from waste really resonated with us all.

To top it off, Cooking for a Cause was a blast. Swapping laptops and whiteboards for saucepans, we had an opportunity to work together as a team in a completely different context. We shared an experience together that will strengthen us as a team, and we’re very grateful to the wonderful people at OzHarvest for helping us make that happen.