The LIFX acquisition is complete

Written by David McLauchlan

We are proud to announce the completion of the acquisition of smart lighting technology company, LIFX. With our two companies now as one under the Buddy Technologies Limited group, we are well positioned to fulfill our vision to Make Every Space Smarter. You can find all the details of the final deal here.

Lighting is one of the most personal and adaptable ways truly make a space your own. Light levels, fixtures and color can transform an ordinary space to one that is full of emotion, depth and atmosphere. Lighting is also everywhere. Inside, outside, in big spaces and small. When lighting is network connected, it allows for remote and local control capabilities, automation, and can provide a distributed sensor network than can relay information about the spaces they are illuminating, including things like power consumption.

In addition to LIFX’s amazing lighting products, they also bring the combined organization a powerful asset in the LIFX Control Module (LCM). The LCM is in every one of LIFX’s lighting products, serving as the smarts that allows these bulbs to be controlled remotely via the LIFX app, locally using voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home and Siri, as well as many other behind the scenes features that unlock new capabilities. We think working with manufacturers get the LCM inside a wide range of products is a great opportunity to help add control, voice assistant support, and power consumption readings (ie: Ohm monitoring) to many of the systems and goods we depend on in homes and businesses around world. This will truly help advance the goal of making every space smarter.

With the business of the acquisition behind us, our focus now shifts to the business of finding complementary workstreams between Buddy and LIFX. That work officially started immediately upon closure of the deal, even though our minds were spinning with ideas over the period of time prior to closure. We truly are excited about the possibilities that are in front of us and we appreciate the support and positive words from our customers, partners and shareholders both big and small.

We recognize there is much to be done, and forward progress is the best measure of success, so we will start each day with that in mind and commit to working as hard as we can to realize the promise of this combined organization.

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