Welcome to the new Buddy Platform blog

Written by Buddy
Harness the power of your Internet of Things (IoT) data with Buddy Platform

Big things are happening here at Buddy Platform, and as such we felt it would be great to make some updates to the way we look, and connect with you. It starts here with our new blog. You can rely on getting the latest here from Buddy, including breaking news, cool customer stories and a bit of the inner workings, live from the great Pacific Northwest and beautiful South Australia.

Our new logo, brand feel and social stance was created to reflect Buddy’s history working with devices and data, while maintaining a bit of of what makes Buddy great to work with today. We are on the leading edge of the Internet of Things wave, helping companies and organizations get the absolute most out of the devices and sensors they already have, or are getting ready to deploy. Buddy is a lightweight, fast and flexible solution for harnessing the power of your IoT data. Drop us a line to learn how we can help you and your business today.