Hotels and Resorts

Benefits from Buddy Ohm:

  • Identify energy hogging systems
  • Gain resort wide intelligence
  • Improve guest comfort
  • Monitor critical areas

Baseline key systems and plan upgrades
Hotels and resorts consume lots of power and water to provide their guests an immersive experience around the grounds, and maximum comfort in their rooms. To pull this off, large HVAC units, water pumps, and other major systems are required, and these need lots of power. Often, as these systems age, they become less efficient, and that can be a precursor to a catastrophic failure. Unexpected breakdowns result in emergency service technicians, facility closures, and degraded guest experiences. Buddy Ohm can monitor these systems to ensure they are working properly and help facility managers plan upgrades and replacements in a controlled manner.

Gain resort wide visibility
Hotels and resorts are made up of buildings and facilities of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Trying to get a single view across all these areas can be difficult and expensive. With Buddy Ohm, facilities and operations managers can gain a resort-wide view, and analyze data by floor, building and system. This data will provide a new understanding into how, when and why the facility is consuming resources. It also helps the facilities team better utilize their time by responding to issues as they arise, in real-time.


Enhancing guest comfort and safety
Environmental conditions play a huge role in the health and safety of guests and staff in the facility. If things aren’t right, guests remember. If they are, they just remember having an amazing time. Common areas and rooms not properly conditioned can make guests uncomfortable or too cold and lead to unnecessary power consumption and higher energy bills. In kitchen and catering facilities, precise temperatures need to be maintained to ensure food safety, and reduce the risk of food poisoning. Buddy Ohm is easily deployed across a large hospitality facility to gain real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities, making facilities and food service staff aware of potential issues, right when they happen, not after a guest reports them.

Improving your sustainability credentials
Hotels and resorts around the world are using improved sustainability practices as a business advantage and a marketing opportunity. Reducing energy consumption, and therefore dirty energy generation practices is good for the planet and good for business. As fresh water supplies become threatened, hospitality businesses are asking guests to be part of the effort to conserve by taking shorter showers and reusing towels over the course of their stay. Buddy Ohm can help quantify these efforts for management and guests, by utilizing engaging dashboards that show progress against these goals.