Retro-fit Buildings

Benefits from Buddy Ohm:

  • Generate new insights from old systems
  • Install quickly and easily
  • Plan system upgrades
  • Modernize the building with data


Consolidate data from older systems and meters
In order to manage and reduce your energy, water and gas bills, you need to understand how your building uses them. Buddy Ohm helps you gain that knowledge by gathering real-time resource data from your building. Older buildings can have several generations of technology inside, limiting access to the data behind the monthly utility bill. Use Buddy Ohm to learn more about the health of the building and uncover challenges and opportunities hidden just beneath the surface. Start by targeting specific systems, baseline, analyze, and take action. Then start the process over as you steadily gain knowledge and optimize.

Easy to install, easy to expand
Buddy Ohm is a perfect fit for older buildings that have been left out of the building management system revolution because they were either too hard to install, to expensive, or both. Because Ohm is based on IoT class hardware and wireless technology, it can be installed in hours, with minimal disruption to existing systems and networks.

Make a plan, before the plan makes you
Critical system in older buildings can range in age, efficiency and reliability. Use Buddy Ohm to monitor critical systems, and gain additional knowledge about performance and lifespan. Similar systems that have different energy profiles can indicate a steady decline, and could result in unexpected loss. Unplanned outages of HVAC, water systems and other critical infrastructure are highly disruptive to building tenants, residents and staff and can negatively impact reputation and marketability. Baseline critical systems to make an upgrade plan, and continue monitoring while plans are executed to get early warning on unexpected issue.

Visible, actionable data
Curious about data visibility? Buddy Ohm data and dashboards can be made available to your staff, integrated into an intranet site or displayed in your office lobby. Access to this data can form the basis of energy savings and behavior change programs. Competitions incentive programs and be used to realize savings goals and sustainability targets.