Stadiums and Event Spaces

Benefits from Buddy Ohm:

  • Monitor critical systems to quantify performance
  • Help measure consumption by event
  • Ensure machinery and server rooms are properly conditioned
  • Baseline usage to strategically plan upgrades

Play to win
Sports and entertainment facilities are dynamic, changing throughout the year as the seasons, fans and patrons surge with each event. People filling and emptying a facility can provide strain on systems, present significant demand spikes, and create risk of catastrophic system failure.

Using Buddy Ohm, managers can keep a handle on the performance of the facility in real-time, getting alerts as systems surge to ensure they bend but don’t break. Fans and patrons are more demanding than ever, expecting a premium, comfortable experience.


Community engagement
More often than not, stadiums and event spaces are a key focal point for the community – the scene of great sporting triumphs and knife-edge drama as well as the backdrop to unforgettable events and cultural experiences. As a focal point, stadiums and event spaces have an opportunity to play a leadership role in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Buddy Ohm data and dashboards can be made available to staff, integrated into an intranet site or displayed in a lobby. Real-time data presented in rich dashboards can also help communicate your sustainability performance and commitments to visitors and other stakeholders. This is a terrific asset if you are holding events, conferences and meetings and allows you to offer offsetting options for carbon-neutral events.