Universities and Schools

Benefits from Buddy Ohm:

  • Gamify energy savings and reward goals met
  • Monitor buildings and facilities over a geographic area
  • Quantify sustainability commitments and progress
  • Blend data from newer buildings with older facilites

Motivate action through goal setting
Schools and educational facilities are filled with motivated students and staff, working hard to realize personal goals. Tap into those motivations by clearly setting and measuring sustainability goals for the school, and rewarding people when they are met. Buddy Ohm can help by breaking down facilities into measurable zones, helping to communicate savings targets for electricity and water, then providing a real-time view of progress against those goals.

Use sustainability successes as a recruiting point
For Sustainability Managers, Buddy Ohm provides a range of data to support sustainability measurement and reporting. Gain the ability to track all of your energy efficiency improvements in real time, and translate those efforts into action for students and staff. Finally, use this data as a proof point for a schools commitment to a healthier planet, something more and more students are using a measure when choosing a university.

A facility-wide view of utility usage
Often sprawling across a wide geographic area, school campuses can be challenging to gain an all up view of utility usage. Installing Buddy Ohm in new and old buildings is non-invasive to existing building systems and networks, and can instantly provide an aggregate and individual view of resources across monitored facilities. Buildings can even be in different cities, as satellite campuses become more popular to better serve student populations.

Bring historic buildings into the age of IoT
Universities and schools often include a mix of new and old buildings, with the older buildings lacking the transparency when it comes to utility usage and environmental conditions. Buddy Ohm is respectful of older systems inside the buildings while helping to quantify utility data for future action and to enhance occupant experience. Older buildings can have hot and cold zones due to old windows and poor insulation. Use Buddy Ohm to know exactly where those zones are, then make a plan and prioritize mitigation efforts based on actual data.