Data for Decision Makers

Real data, better decisions

The key to strategic planning and decision making is data. Timely, accurate and real-time data can be the difference between an effective decision, or a poor one. All too often, useful data is locked away in siloed systems, expensive to consolidate or just not available.

Buddy Ohm provides real-time data across a variety of resource and building systems to support timely and informed decision making. Generating new insights, and consolidating data can help cities, businesses and communities protect investments and save time, natural resources, and money.


Government / City Leader

Around the world, government leaders own, manage and lease huge property portfolios, as well as develop and manage energy efficiency codes in their jurisdictions. Held to the highest scrutiny, government leaders are expected to manage these properties in the most efficient way possible. Efficient decisions rely on timely, accurate data.

Buddy Ohm helps by providing real-time data that can be configured to capture resource and environmental information at the building, community, or city level. Open data collection through Ohm allows for additional data manipulation and analysis. This insight is valuable for reporting and planning purposes, and these new data sets can be applied to generate a holistic city-wide dashboard for engaging the community and reporting progress against goals.

Sustainability Manager

Whether reporting to the board, submitting environmental compliance documents, or motivating behavior change, sustainability is a data driven profession. In consolidating and providing this data, Buddy Ohm saves time and effort, helping sustainability managers focus their time on creating change.

Installing Buddy Ohm across an office, building or business provides immediate access to resource consumption data, without having to spend weeks extracting this information from multiple systems and teams. Use this data to quickly generate reports for management or supplement and support environmental compliance requirements. Buddy Ohm can provide a range of data to support behavior change programs, with out-of-the-box data dashboards to capture and communicate sustainability goals and progress for stakeholders and staff.

Facility Manager

As energy prices steadily rise around the world, Facilities Managers are under increasing pressure to manage these costs. New environmental and energy efficiency compliance responsibilities add an additional challenge to this role. Buddy Ohm helps by gathering and consolidating resource consumption data from a variety of building systems to help save time, resources and money. Buddy Ohm is designed to install easily without disrupting existing building systems and networks.

Use Buddy Ohm data to identify critical system issues, and make changes in real-time. Be responsive as the building profile changes day-day. Use Ohm to compliment an existing building managements system by gaining real-time access to the data, and presenting it in a way that’s easy for building management and leadership to digest.

Finance Manager

As energy is rapidly becoming one of the single biggest expenses for businesses and buildings, energy monitoring is becoming a bigger priority for finance managers around the world. Utility bills come too late to determine what steps could be taken to reduce costs.

Buddy Ohm provides immediate access and insight to resource consumption. Data can be displayed by the hour, day, month, year, and in custom date ranges. Results can be exported into a clean CSV file for further manipulation in Excel or other data analysis systems. Data can be split by floor, building or system to get exact the exact answers to challenging questions.

Building Owner / Operator

Efficient buildings are cheaper to manage and maintain.  With or without a Building Management System, Buddy Ohm can identify opportunities to save money, improve environmental conditions, support compliance obligations and make the building more attractive to existing and new tenants.

Buddy Ohm data can also be made available directly to tenants. Whether it’s a centrally managed Buddy Ohm system across the whole of the building, or a system that tenants deploy and manage themselves, Buddy Ohm can provide the data that tenants need to understand and manage their own resource usage.