For Developers

Buddy Platform makes it easy to collect, manage and process data from your IoT devices and sensors. Quickly connect telemetry to the IoT Buddy Graph to visualize data, gain insights and control devices.

Telemetry in 3 lines of code

There is no lighter weight way to access the telemetry data your connected devices are generating. With only three API calls (or simply compile in one of our SDKs), Buddy can make your device data accessible in any BI tool, M2M or visualization system.

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POST  /devices 
   appID = '[your app id]', 
   appKey = '[your app key]', 
   platform = 'REST Client' 
public MyCoolApp()
   // Don't forget to get your app ID and key from!
    Buddy.Init(\"YOUR_APP_ID\", \"YOUR_APP_KEY\"); 
Buddy.init('[your app id]', '[your app key]');
[Buddy init:@"YOUR_APP_ID" appKey:@"YOUR_APP_KEY"];
import com.buddy.sdk.*;
import com.buddy.sdk.models.*;
Context myContext = getApplicationContext(); 
// If there is no context, set myContext to null
Buddy.init(myContext, "appId", "appKey")

API & SDK support

For a lightweight implementation, call Buddy's API endpoints directly, or for ease of development, simply download and integrate one of our SDKs.

Partner integrations

Buddy can make your device data accessible in a wide range of common business intelligence and analytics tools. Don't see the tool you use supported here? Reach out to us, and we'll be happy to discuss adding support for additional products. Remember also, your data is always accessible via APIs generated from custom queries created in the Buddy Portal.

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Data sovereignty

In many cases, the physical location of where data is stored and processed, matters. Perhaps your data needs to be stored in-country. Perhaps it needs to be stored on-site. Buddy operates server infrastructure in five regions (the US, EU, Australia, Hong Kong and mainland China) with more coming online this year. For customers in need of a fully managed on-site installation, Buddy also offers this option.


At Buddy, the security of your data and the channels over which it flows, is paramount. Device data is protected in transit using TLS, and at rest using industry standard encryption techniques. We support per-device secrets and TLS client security. Production tier customers have the option of supplying us with their security certificates if policy prohibits using ours.

Benefits for developers

Time to market

Get connected products to market faster, without having to invest resources and considerable time building a data processing system.

Data sovereignty

Host, manage and process your device data in whatever location worldwide is needed.

Own your data

With Buddy, you always own your data. Monetize or leverage the data your devices generate, without diminishing the value of your IP/asset.

Flexible device support

With a range of SDKs and native APIs to access, there's barely a connected device on the planet that can't leverage the Buddy Platform.

Understand customers

From the data collected & managed by Buddy, you'll better understand your customers, their usage profiles, their connected ecosystem as well as sales metrics such as channel throughput and return rates.

Focus resources

Invest your precious resources in building a better product, not the infrastructure needed to access the data those products generate.

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