Industry Solutions

Internet connected devices provide enormous amounts of valuable data to improve and enhance insights and actions across industries.

Learn how different industries utilize Buddy


Aggregate and manage data from heavy mining equipment in minimally-connected environments.

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One of the first IoT devices, mobile is now responsible for how consumers interact with their IoT environment, as well as a primary source of rich and abundant customer data.

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Health & Safety

Create better peace of mind for consumers through enhanced monitoring in food safety, water & air quality, or day-to-day consumer products.

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Connected Cities

Track and enhance public spaces and urban infrastructure by reducing traffic congestion, introducing smart meters, and creating overall improvements in quality of life.

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Collect energy efficiency, equipment health, and productivity data to enable preventative maintenance and automation scenarios.

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Connected Home

Create customer-driven products and services, and reduce energy use and costs through smart temperature and security controls.

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