Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where are the Parse on Buddy servers located?

A. Currently our servers are hosted in the eastern U.S. This is due to limitations associated with migrating apps from Facebook’s servers. We plan on standing up hosting in other regions soon after Facebook ends Parse support, for customers that want to optimize for latency geographically and/or have data sovereignty requirements.


Q. I’ve updated the client SDK for my app, and am setting the API URL to the new Parse on Buddy URL, but am receiving odd errors.

A. Make sure the URL you are specifying has a trailing slash, like this: ‘’. Some of the SDKs require the slash.


Q. Where do I find the new keys to replace my current client (or other) key?

A. The open-source Parse Server (upon which Parse on Buddy is built) does not require the use of client-side keys. This includes the client, JavaScript, .NET, REST API, and webhooks keys. The Application ID is sufficient to secure your app. Parse Server’s documentation shows initialization of the Parse SDKs by passing an empty string for the client key. That said, the ability to specify any of these five keys in the dashboard, and enforce that any clients passing a key matches, is currently implemented. Keep in mind that when you create/use any key, the others will need to be used as well, for security reasons. For instance, if you create/use a client key in your Android app, and want to also make REST calls, you will need to create/use a REST too (reference:


Q. I signed up with the wrong email address; can I change it?

A. Send an email to [email protected], and we will change it for you.


Q. I’ve migrated to a self-hosted Parse Server, but I’d like to move to Parse on Buddy. Is it as easy as redirecting server-side from my self-hosted API endpoint to Parse on Buddy’s?

A. Unfortunately that won’t work, as both endpoints are protected with HTTPS, so the redirect will fail. We do have a process to migrate you though, please see details at


Q. I’m looking for feature X but can’t find it. When will it be available?

A. We are aiming for feature parity with the current Parse service. There a number of features that are missing from the open-source Parse Server. We have been hard at work filling in the open-source holes; for example we’ve added background jobs, webhooks, cloud code logging, and more. We are continually adding features, prioritizing based on customer interest. If there’s something that’s missing that you need, please contact us at [email protected].


Q. What’s the largest file I can upload to Parse on Buddy?

A. When uploading files using the Parse on Buddy API, the limit is 10 megabytes, same as the old Parse service. Larger files up to 20 megabytes can be uploaded using our cloud code/web hosting tool.


Q. I am looking for the MongoDB connection string for my app in the dashboard, but can’t find it.

A.We don’t display or allow external access to your app’s MongoDB, for performance and security reasons. However, you can always export your database in the dashboard under App Settings -> General -> App Management, and then import it into you own hosted database or data tool like Excel for examination/processing.


Q. I’ve been using for the Parse JavaScript SDK, but it looks like Parse took that down when they shut down their service. Help!

A. You can use the CDN for[email protected]/dist/parse.min.js


Q.I am trying to upload a file to a new row in the Parse on Buddy dashboard, but it is failing.

A.There is a known issue with file uploads in the dashboard. The issue is that if you have created any app keys at App Settings -> Security & Keys, you must also create a JavaScript key in order for uploads to succeed.


Q. I see that you are now “forever free”. Can you share more details about that?

A. Read all about it on our blog here. We do have reasonable system-wide limits in place for security and performance reasons, but, mobile-focused customers should not hit those limits. If you have specific concerns about the size of your app, please contact us at [email protected], and we’ll be happy to address them.