The world’s most complete Parse implementation.

Parse on Buddy is a simple, scalable and fully hosted mobile backend as a service. We took Parse Server from Facebook, hardened it, and added all the features you came to love from the original Parse service. We also created an easy three-step process for migrating your existing Parse apps, to Parse on Buddy.

Get StartedMigration Guide

Need help migrating your app? Call us toll-free:
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Push Notifications

  • Supports both sandbox and production iOS push notifications
  • Push notification scalability to handle millions of devices
  • Upcoming PPNS implementation for real-time-like scenarios
  • Upcoming Audience persistence, like the old Parse dashboard

Learn more about Parse on Buddy Push Notifications.

parse on buddy background jobs

Background Jobs/Scheduling

  • Set up long running tasks by writing code similar to Cloud Functions
  • Customize your jobs frequency, including the start time and status of completed jobs
  • With our REST API you can add/modify/delete scheduling
  • Schedule regular Cloud Code functions as well as jobs

Learn more about Parse on Buddy Background Jobs and Scheduling.


  • Specify any URL to receive a POST of relevant Parse on Buddy data when responding to triggers on objects or a function call
  • Write code in whatever language or framework you want
  • Use web hooks to augment social CRM data, trigger a text message, integrate with billing, email templates and more

Learn more about Parse on Buddy Webhooks.

Cloud Code

  • Error and info logging built into the dashboard
  • Automatic NPM dependency management and upload
  • Upcoming syntax validation to find cloud code errors before upload

Learn more about Parse on Buddy Cloud Code.

Migrate from any Parse Server provider in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Create your Parse on Buddy app, copy manual configuration from your self-hosted Parse Server app, then contact us here at Parse on Buddy, so we can get your MongoDB connection string and connect your Parse on Buddy app to it.

Step 2

We will let you know when that’s done. Then update your client apps, test, and publish to the app stores.

Step 3

Schedule time with Parse on Buddy for us to copy your data from your current Parse Server MongoDB instance.

Why host your app on Parse on Buddy?

We’ve taken Parse Server and hardened it to support the largest and highest traffic apps in the world.

To help apps and organizations affected by the shutdown of Parse, we’ve built a fully hosted, fully managed, scalable implementation of the open source Parse Server targeted at higher volume applications.

We collaborated with Facebook to roll out this enterprise ready mobile backend, eliminating hosting and management hassle so you can focus on making great apps.

Parse on Buddy bridges the gap by providing some of the features that are only available in the existing Facebook Parse but are not implemented in the open source version.


Scalable and Reliable

Scalable and reliable

Parse on Buddy is a truly fully hosted solution – no managing databases or web server instances, installs, upgrades, and patches.

Fully scaled, high volume and capacity, and includes a service-level agreement (SLA).

Multi-region support with Parse instances in the US, EU, China and Australia (new applications only, for now).

High volume push notification support for iOS & Android, with a dedicated PPNS implementation.

Push notification support available in the Parse on Buddy Dashboard.

Multiple app support for both test and production versions of your app set up side-by-side.

Support from our global team is available to assist with app migration, and other questions you may have.

Developer Documentation

Developer Documentation

Developers can take advantage of Parse on Buddy to create great mobile solutions, and integrate data from other devices, like from Internet of Things sensors and hubs.

Cloud Bolt


To keep things simple, we provide the same Parse pricing you’re familiar with. Get started with Parse on Buddy for free, and scale worldwide to millions of users, paying only for what you use.

30 API calls per second and under are FREE.


Store data and build your app


30 API requests
per second
At 30 rps or lower, free. Then $100 USD per additional 10 rps per month.


Notify and re-engage your users


1 million unique recipients/month
(+$0.05 USD per 1,000 unique additional recipients)

All pricing numbers are monthly and per app. You can change your plan at any time.