Buddy Platform helps you take advantage of our ever more connected world by unlocking the value in the tremendous amounts of data generated by your IoT devices.

How Buddy works

  • Just a few lines of code connects devices
  • No heavy agents or proprietary silicon requirements necessary
  • Allows any connected device to send data to Buddy
  • Buddy can translate raw data into actionable information
  • Custom analysis in the cloud
  • Control devices automatically based on data they send to Buddy
Integrate and Analyze
  • Data can be sent to a wide variety of business systems for rich visualization
  • Easily integrate data into everything from Splunk®, Salesforce®, Tableau®, machine to machine (M2M) systems or any system that offers an API interface

What can device data tell me?

Before long, every single industry will employ IoT technologies to increase efficiency and save costs. Connected device data offers unique insights across a variety of industries, each with their own sets of devices, data formats, business tools and benefits.

  • image description Get real-time data from connected vehicles to improve performance, safety, and functionality.
  • image description Enhanced tracking of food safety, water and air quality, and health monitoring devices.
  • image description Survey public spaces and urban infrastructure to reduce traffic congestion, deploy automated meters, and improve quality of life.
  • image description Securely manage sensitive location, activity, and health data.
Industry solutions

Integration made simple

Your data is only as valuable as the tools used to make it actionable, visual and insightful. Buddy easily connects your data to the most popular business systems and tools in the world.

Secure and reliable

Standing up a self-managed IoT data processing system is relatively simple. Standing up a highly secure, globally scalable and deeply reliable system is an entirely different matter. Organizations derive value from the data and actionable insights their devices generate, not building and managing the infrastructure required to secure and host that data. If your organization doesn't have deep in-house expertise in securing large volumes of sensitive data, then talk to us. We'd love to help.

Scalable and flexible

More customers come to Buddy because their data needs have outgrown their existing infrastructure (or existing budget to service their data needs) than any other reason. Scaling systems in real-time while data is inbound, is hard, and quite often an underestimated problem. Buddy offers an auto-scaling, highly flexible system that can operate in the cloud, on premise or in a hybrid capacity.