Gain business insight from your IoT Data Graph

Buddy Platform delivers a highly secure, cloud-based global platform to access, process, shape and manage the raw data generated by hundreds of millions of connected devices, appliances and sensors. The collection of this data is your IoT Data Graph.

  • image description Connect devices while reducing time-to-market
  • image description Process raw device data into streams for visualization, integration and control
  • image description Run cloud code logic in Buddy and control globally distributed devices accordingly
  • image description Buddy turns business device data into actionable, useful information
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Understanding the Quantified Economy

Analysts and industry leaders agree, IoT is poised for massive growth over the next ten years. The global addressable market for IoT is estimated to top $1.3 trillion by 2019. It will impact every industry, creating new business opportunities, make organizations smarter about their products and help them provide better customer service.

Get real-time data from connected vehicles to improve performance, safety, and functionality.

Enhanced tracking of food safety, water and air quality, and health monitoring devices.

Survey public spaces and urban infrastructure to reduce traffic congestion, introduce smart meters, and improve quality of life.

Securely manage sensitive location, activity, and health data.

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Leave it to us

The cost and time associated with building and maintaining your own data infrastructure in-house is substantial. Carefully consider time-to-market, developer resources, scalability, support, and security. Buddy's enterprise-ready solution can cut your deployment time in half and save you money from the start.

  • image description Own the data without investing in data infrastructure
  • image description Rock solid security with the ability to host data in local regions accommodating privacy requirements
  • image description Manage billions of transactions across millions of devices in real-time and at global scale
  • image description Achieve around the clock performance and uptime with dedicated support
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Whether starting up an enterprise class IoT system, or tinkering in the garage creating the next big thing in devices, Buddy makes it easy to get started and scales with your needs. Sign up for a free account, start sending us device data, and visualize that data with Buddy in minutes.

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