About Buddy Platform

Buddy Platform Limited is a leading technology company in the Internet of Things (IoT) market focused on Smart Cities and Smart Buildings. Buddy provides a highly scalable Internet of Things data aggregation and management infrastructure which has multiple applications in many areas.

Powerful building blocks for smart cities:

Buddy Cloud is a globally scalable data intake, management, and processing service. It helps uncover valuable insights by connecting systems never designed to work together. It’s also the engine that drives our other products and services.

Buddy Ohm is a complete and low cost solution for natural resource monitoring in buildings. Real-time views into electricity, water, gas, steam, and solar power helps turn utility savings into a strategic asset and provide piece of mind for building owners and managers.

Parse on Buddy is a mobile backend as a service (mBaaS) built on the world’s most popular BaaS technology. A complete, secure, and scalable service capable of hosting the world’s most trafficked apps. Parse on Buddy is a free to use service.