Buddy Ohm on show at Sydney’s smart street of the future

Written by Adam Schultz

We try our best to be a jargon free zone at Buddy. Smart cities and the “internet of things” is really just about delivering new and better services to governments, businesses and citizens.

It could be said that the technology industry hasn’t done itself any favours by communicating a range of new services under the banner of the “internet of things”. To really educate and enthuse people about what might be possible, show them. Demonstrate how these new services will make a genuine difference to their lives.

As such, we are thrilled to be participating in the Future Street exhibition in Sydney next week, along with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, Smart Cities Council of Australia and New Zealand and the Internet of Things Alliance of Australia.

Future Street is, as the name suggests, a future street built in Alfred Street, next to Sydney’s iconic Circular Quay. Open and accessible to businesses and the general public, Future Street will demonstrate how smart city services will impact our future lives and lifestyles. An exciting and educative experience, Future Street will give people a chance to touch and feel these services for themselves.

Buddy will be demonstrating a Future Building portal, built on Buddy Ohm. Collecting and consolidating building energy data into a single dashboard, the Future Building portal can also track other smart city services, like data from electric vehicle charging sites, smart street lights and bins.

Please feel free to come and visit us at the Future Street exhibition, which is open from 12 – 15th October 2017 in Sydney’s Circular Quay.