Buddy’s impact at IoT World 2016

Written by Buddy

Last week we attended our first IoT World Conference in sunny Santa Clara, CA with most of the Seattle office exhibiting our booth. We met with folks across the IoT space and shared our take on the massive opportunity in connecting the world’s devices and systems for real-time intelligence and decision making through our platform.

For those of you who couldn’t make the show, here are a few highlights from our experience:

Buddyville Debut

The main highlight (featured many times by IoT World and attendees) was our smart city demo called “Buddyville,” built with over 13,000 Legos. It demonstrated Buddy’s powerful and scalable backend data services combined with smart city sensors increasingly found in cities around the world today. To say the least, it attracted consistent crowds to our booth throughout the conference.

Check out this video of Buddyville in action.


Enabling the Quantified Economy

Another highlight of the show was Dave’s speech on the “Quantified Economy,” which discussed how to harness the explosion of IoT data to realize a market opportunity estimated to reach $1.3 trillion by 2020, and expose areas where IoT has understated potential. He discussed how the IoT community can solve, even predict, community disasters such as the water crisis in Flint, Mich. By coming together across industries and providers we can create IoT for Impact, an initiative for social good.

Until now, for many the promise of the IoT has exceeded its’ ability to deliver – the hype has not materialized into real business value. However, judging from the interest we received in the Platform and the innovative scenarios we discussed with attendees, it’s clear that the industry is moving to address the promise of the IoT. Business and organization value can be realized through real insights, better customer service and cost savings.

We are proud that Buddy’s IoT data management platform is being recognized as a critical component to deliver upon the promise of the IoT, providing an affordable and rapid time-to-market solution.

Busy Buddy IoT World Booth

Buddy Platform CEO, David McLauchlan will be speaking at several events this year, we hope to see you there:

Want to learn more about our platform?

Consider test driving the platform by creating a free developer account. To help you get started, here are a few resources like our developer documentation and a quick demo of our Buddy IoT features that can help you quickly make use of device data in your business.

Learn more about some of the big announcements we made at IoT world this year:

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