Driving Growth through Resellers and Distributors

Written by David McLauchlan

At Buddy, like at all fast growth companies, we’re learning lessons every day. Sometimes we learn through others and sometimes we learn by making our own mistakes. We use those lessons to find better ways of working with all our stakeholders to build better products and sell more of them.

In particular, we get a lot of excellent feedback from the field through our channel partners – our distributors and resellers. We’ve long stated that our commercial focus is on a channel distribution strategy and one of our goals is to figure out how we can make it easier for our extended salesforce to sell Buddy Ohm. Our efforts to bring a market-leading install experience with the Buddy Ohm (installation) app are an example of this. We’re determined to learn from our partners’ feedback to boost sales, decrease time to market and gain access to new regions.

We’re already seeing a trend of Buddy Ohm customers adding onto their installations once they experience the value of the initial solution, and we’re convinced this trend will help our channel partners generate new business now and be a source of follow on business in the future.

Based on lessons learned, we’ve implemented a couple new requirements before we’ll onboard new resellers. We’re requiring them to:

  • Install Buddy Ohm in their own facilities. There’s nothing like having a true customer experience (including paying customer prices) to really appreciate the value of any product or solution to then turn around and sell forward.
  • Come onboard with 20 prospects for us to co-sell into. These don’t have to be qualified leads, just contacts within a fitting customer base – but this is a requirement to become a Buddy Ohm reseller.
  • Run a Buddy kickoff event. We’ll support channel partner events to showcase Buddy Ohm in new regions and markets, and we now require this as part of our reseller obligations.

We’re also fully committed to making our partner/reseller relationships a two-way street. Accordingly, channel partners can expect the following from us:

  • A rock-solid cloud platform. Our Buddy Cloud™ which powers the Buddy Ohm solution provides the infrastructure for collecting and processing smart building data. We commit this to be solid and stable.
  • Working side-by-side to sell and install Buddy Ohm. We don’t expect our resellers to be Buddy Ohm experts out of the gate. We have dispatchable Buddy staff who help sell and install our solutions around the world.
  • Higher tier support. While typically resellers provide tier 1 support to their customers, we provide the mechanism to support their customers at a deeper and more specific level. Our resellers are not alone in supporting the product once sold-in, and we benefit from garnering in-market data on how our products are being used.
  • Collateral selling tools. We provide our resellers with packages of brandable templates, marketing documents, campaigns, tradeshow banners, etc. to make marketing Buddy Ohm as simple and easy as possible.

Building win-win relationships with channel partners who have access to their own leads and prospects and who will bring us additional incremental value is a perfect fit for Buddy Ohm and our Solution-as-a-Service business model. We continue to be obsessed with channel sell-through, and in doing so we regularly remind ourselves that our success is intimately tied to our partners’ success. For that reason, you’ll see us continue to invest time, effort and resources in this direction.