The March to Parse Shutdown Continues

Written by Brian Seitz

Have you heard? Facebook’s Parse service is shutting down! Of course you have, at least if you have been following activity here at Buddy for any length of time. Every day that passes, the reality of Parse’s shutdown is landing with app owners and managers around the world, and we have been working with many of those people to migrate their apps to Buddy’s fully hosted, managed and featured Parse alternative, Parse on Buddy.

You may have seen the recent post from Eric Nakagawa, developer advocate at Parse. In the post, Eric points out you actually have less time to migrate than you thought, due to Apple’s App Store holiday freeze. From December 23-27, Apple will not accept new apps or app updates which means you need to wrap any submissions you want in place for the holidays now, or wait until December 28th.

Again, why does this matter? Because Parse is still on track to shut down the end of January 2017, and from our developer outreach efforts at Buddy, there are still tons of app owners that have just started, or not started at all, migrating their apps before the service shutdown. You can get started with Parse on Buddy here, and reference our comprehensive Migration Guide to get things rolling. Need more help? Simply fill out the form here and we will get back with you right away.

Finally, check out this article we published in The Drum to help frame up the challenge app owners are facing when it comes to finding the best home for their apps.