Retrofit and save with Buddy Ohm

Written by Gayle Wooster

According to a report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), offices represent the largest commercial building sector based on energy consumption, the number of buildings, and floor area. ACEEE claims the average office building can save 18% of its whole building energy use through smart technologies.

“Smart” technologies, which the report defines as interconnected systems, offer numerous benefits. Beyond cost savings, the report notes that improved lighting and ventilation can help raise employee productivity and that insights based on smart building data can help companies optimize office operations.

That’s where Buddy Ohm comes in. We serve building owners and occupants who are interested in making data-driven decisions regarding utility consumption in their spaces. Our own IoT-grade sensors track temperature and humidity, as well as electricity, water and gas usage, and solar generation. All the utility data from across the enterprise is collected via Buddy Cloud and provided back to users in near real time via intuitive visualizations on Buddy Ohm operations portal and engaging occupant dashboards.

You don’t need to have any specific energy management knowledge to get started. And you don’t need to make any capital investments to reduce waste or get a better handle on data needed for sustainability reporting. Just a desire to start monitoring what resources your building – and any specific equipment – uses down to a granular level so that you can make improvements based on real-time information.

Think your building is too old to benefit from smart technologies like Buddy Ohm? We’d beg to differ. Case in point, we recently outfitted a 300-year-old building in the Caribbean housing a global investment firm with Buddy Ohm. The data collected there is expected to help them cut energy costs and determine where to make facility improvements.

Buddy Ohm provides real-time data across a variety of resource and building systems to support timely and informed decision making. Generating new insights, and consolidating data can help cities, businesses and communities protect investments and save time, natural resources, and money.
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