Talk of the town: The Connected Adelaide Model

Written by Brian Seitz

This week the City of Adelaide, South Australian Department of State Development, and the Smart City Studio in partnership with Buddy Platform, unveiled The Connected Adelaide Model (CAM). The model was constructed with over 30,000 LEGO bricks and typical smart city devices and sensors, all tied into Buddy Platform to process and visualize data in real-time.  Connected scenarios include smart street lighting, sensors to direct commuters to vacant parking spaces and reduce traffic congestion, and the monitoring of power and natural resources.

The model was presented by Lord Mayor Martin Haese at Open State, a ten-day festival of collaboration, innovation, ideas and enterprise to address the complex challenges of the future. The LEGO build was managed by the state’s largest LEGO club, Southern Bricks Lego User Group (SBLUG), and includes miniature scale models of SAHMRI, the North Terrace tram stop, the Adelaide Convention Centre, Parliament House and Adelaide Oval. The model is located inside The Adelaide Smart City Studio, a collaboration between Adelaide City Council and the Department of State Development.

We were excited to participate with such a great group of partners across government, business and of course the Southern Bricks Lego User Group – building off the success of Buddyville first presented at IoT World in California. Anytime we have the chance to make IoT and the opportunity in smart city planning and development tangible for government leaders and the citizens, great things happen. Ideas are sparked, collaboration happens and important questions are asked.

To our Adelaide friends, the Connected Adelaide Model will be showcased the next several months at the Smart City Studio for you to check out and see the future of smart city IoT collaboration! Check back to see some new scenarios like a Microsoft HoloLens that will demonstrate a virtual tour of the city.

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