Building Types

Using the Internet of Things to harvest data and insight for buildings big and small.

Whether your facility already has a large-scale building management system or not, Buddy Ohm can help provide new insights for operators and tenants to drive down monthly resource spending. Industry standard sensors track temperature, humidity, electricity, gas, water, and steam consumption, and solar generation.

Buddy Ohm: Commercial Office Towers

Commercial Offices

Energy is rapidly becoming one of the single biggest expenses for both property owners and office tenants. Environmental monitoring is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to understand and reduce your resource consumption and cost. Affordable and easy to install, Buddy Ohm places real-time monitoring within easy reach for property owners and tenants alike.

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Buddy Ohm: Retro-fit Older Buildings

Retro-fit Buildings

Energy, water and gas bills are often higher in older buildings than in more modern, efficient facilities. Installing an expensive building management system is almost always not an option, but that doesn’t mean older buildings should be left out of the benefits monitoring can provide. Buddy Ohm can easily and affordably gather data from older building systems to identify savings opportunities, baseline critical systems for upgrades, and protect critical areas from large temperature swings.

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Buddy Ohm: Stadiums and Event Spaces

Stadiums and Event Spaces

In playing host to millions of visitors, the resource consumption and cost within stadiums and event spaces is extreme. Highly adaptable and scalable, Buddy Ohm was designed as a cost-effective resource monitoring solution that can be deployed across the entire facility. Use Buddy Ohm data for maintaining systems, troubleshooting issues and avoiding costly system breakdowns before they occur.

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Buddy Ohm: University and Business Campuses

Universities and Schools

Campus wide, Buddy Ohm can capture and consolidate critical information about temperature, humidity, energy, water and gas consumption, and solar energy generation. Resource monitoring and management can help reduce cost as well as provide a great opportunity to educate and engage staff and students. Use data from Buddy Ohm to encourage behavior change and use sustainability for recruiting efforts.

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Buddy Ohm: Hospitals and Professional Services

Hospitals and Health Centers

Healthcare facilities consume large amounts of energy and water in delivering health services. With Buddy Ohm, it’s possible to monitor and reduce natural resource consumption by monitoring systems that are large consumers to validate their performance, and evaluate system upgrades. It can also help monitor environmental conditions like temperature and humidity critical to patient and staff comfort and safety.

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Retail and Multi-Site Businesses

Banks, quick service restaurants, a chain of retail shops – resource consumption in multi-site businesses is often harder to manage, monitor and control. Buddy Ohm can give you both aggregate and granular view across your whole business, with data and dashboards to educate and engage your staff and customers.

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Buddy Ohm: Residential Apartment Buildings

Multi-Family Residential Apartment Buildings

Resource monitoring in residential apartment buildings not only saves money, but is also a valuable tool to help understand consumption in common areas, and individual apartments. Buddy Ohm can monitor and identify savings opportunities in lobbies, gyms, leisure facilities and laundry rooms, and help to understand their percentage of total building consumption. It can also help monitor environmental conditions that may negatively impact resident and guest comfort.

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Buddy Ohm: Hotels and resorts

Hotels and Resorts

From air conditioning to laundry facilities, hotels and resorts consume large amounts of energy and water. Often these costs can be magnified given their remote locations with reliance on expensive power generation facilities. Buddy Ohm can help operations managers better understand and reduce their resource consumption, and ultimately lower spend by identifying inefficient and leaky systems.

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Not seeing your building?

Buddy Ohm is flexible enough to have an impact in virtually every type of building. If it uses electricity, water, gas and steam, Ohm can provide a real time view into the performance of key systems and environmental conditions. Don’t hesitate to reach out with the questions you want answered about building health and performance.

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